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- Professional Investors & Advisors
. Senior Private Bankers
. Third.Party Funds Selectors
. IFAs
. Independent Asset Managers
. Client Relationship Managers
. Mutual Fund Managers
. Hedge Funds Managers
. Fund of Fund Managers
. Family Office Directors
. Portfolio managers
. Money Managers
. Heads of Derivatives & Structured Products
. Alternative Third Party Product Providers
. Real Estate Investment Companies Directors
. Insurance Advisors
. Life Insurance Directors
. Wealth Management Advisors
. Investment advisors
. Analysts
. Offshore bankers
. Offshore Providers
. Trustees
. Tax Consultants
. Lawyers
. Accountants
. Estate Practioners
. Brokers
. Fiduciary & Specialists
. Company Management Specialists
. Financial Information Providers
- Qualified HNWIs (Entrepreneurs, CEOs, etc.) invited by our clients or partners

Job title breakdown

Board Member, CEO, Managing Director, General Manager, Head of Private Banking, Director of Department, Fund Manager, Head of Third Party Fund Selection, Portfolio Manager, Client Relation Manager, Wealth Advisor, Tax Consultant, Estate & Trust Practioner, Broker, Fiduciary & Life Insurance Specialist.


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